Memoirs Of A Servant

An Autobiography 

Published in 2018 / Second edition 2024

This book in its second edition 2024 was published for the sole purpose of reminiscing about some of the opportunities, challenges and blessings, which life has offered. No sensitive information and personal details about others have been compromised. Focusing on facts and personal experiences, the author simply takes the reader on a walk through his life, something many people have found intriguing and worth sharing.


“Your book is a big blessing.  Thank you for the gift, salutation and ongoing friendship.”    (Rev. Ken Smith, Hawaii)

“Your book came, and I read it last night.  I’m very flattered to be a pilgrim following in your ecclesiastical footsteps!  Good work!”  (Brother Anthony Sanders, OFM)

"I received the "Memoirs of a Servant". Precious jewel! Thank you! I started reading the book; it is captivating — to say the least."   (Bp. Marius Sidau, SJS)

"Love your book. What a fascinating history you have."  (Archpriest Ken Anatoly)

I thought your autobiography was laid out very well and written with great detail. This made it very easy to put oneself in the story. My personal favorite was the pictures you painted through your great description of nature and the beloved woods that you enjoy so much. I also found your autobiography to be very informative. Explaining in great detail from going to seminary school to being ordained. The pictures that you included throughout the book helped to see a more personal side of who you really are.  (J. Schultz)

I am very happy to have read your autobiography. I could not put the book down last night. I read about your impressive life and ministry in one sitting. You ... continue to inspire me in my own life and service.  (Rev. Raphael Souza) 

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